BCIT Student Nursing Association

Our Leadership

Julia Hanbury


Hello everyone, looking forward to meeting you all! My name is Julia, I am in level 5 and am the SNA president. I have a Bachelor of Business Admin from BCIT and thoroughly enjoyed my experience the first time around. I am hoping to bring new learning opportunities to the table and engage in meaningful ways with potential partners to enhance our learning experience. In my spare time I enjoy skiing, mountain biking and spending time with my friends, family and cat Larry (who is a King).

Steve Campbell

Education and Professional Development Lead

Meghan Brommeland

Communications Lead

Erica Hunter

Finance Lead

Cindy Liang

Outreach Lead

Hey everyone, my name is Cindy Liang and I am in Level 3. I completed my science degree at UBC and worked in Adult Day Care for almost two years before nursing school. I am beyond excited to be a part of BCITSNA because my hope is that a successful BCITSNA will help develop student nurses who are prepared to be future leaders in the profession. I look forward to enriching the student nurse experience by connecting us to a variety of community organizations and sponsors.

Monica Mastrrantonio

Student Engagement Lead


Founder/Past President

My name is Terrelle and I am so excited to be piloting the BCITSNA as president with my partner in crime Louise. I’m currently a level five student who enjoys running, singing, and taking care of my fish and cats in my spare time (because we BCIT students totally have spare time…). My past education includes a Bachelors of Music Performance and I have experience as a sales assistant, copy writer and music education. I am passionate about our nursing education and look forward to the opportunity to grow with everyone as well as give back to our community.



My name is Louise, I have a BA in Psychology, and I’m in my final semester. I am excited to lay the foundation for the new BCIT Student Nursing Association with my brilliant Co-founder, Terrelle, and our strong team of empowered, determined, and kind leaders! My experiences range from volunteer work in the community (from babies to seniors to at-risk populations), administrative work, leadership work with youth, and being a program lead where I spearheaded projects for volunteer systems under the mentorship of leaders wanting to make a difference. I look forward to learning about your stories, doing hands-on community work, learning from the Indigenous community, and seeing our nursing students grow into passionate and caring leaders. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a message/email and say hi!
(When I’m not doing anything related to nursing or community development, I eat lots and sleep lots…Terrelle sounds more interesting!)